Happy Holidays and compliments of the season.

Happy Holidays and compliments of the season..


Happy Holidays and compliments of the season.

TK Front view


Hey people, its another one of those long Naija holiday weekends. Here’s a thought, why not come to Terra Kulture, Saturday and Sunday have back to back theatre block busters, Tyrone Terrence’s “A Husbands Wife” starring; Bimbo Akintola and  Toyin Oshinaike and directed by Abiodun Kassim and on Sunday the regular theatre @ Terra offering for the month of August 2013 ” Take Heart” – Directed by Gbenga Yusuf.



Alternatively you can check out the Art gallery and feast your eyes on some wonderful fine art, or you can have a meal, dinner date or family brunch courtesy of Terra Kulture’s amazing chef and the array of local delicacies prepared par excellence.


Whatever the “long” weekend brings, why not stop over for a splash of Kulture!

A Harvest with Soyinka ends with a flourish.

Something peculiar always seems to affect me whenever I watch a rendition of one of Soyinka’s classics. Suddenly I’m thrown back to days in the theatre at U.I. and so much of the hidden context of his work seems to ooze out.

Watching the “Trials of brother Jero” and “Jero’s metamorphosis” at the final showing of Thetare @ Terra’s annual Soyinka Harvest, I was once again pleasantly spirited away to the mind of an amazing story teller.

It would be wrong to forget those who so graciously brought the stage play to life, first I must lift my hat to Mr. Kenneth Uphopho (Director) who has helped ensure that this umpteenth retelling of a pillar of African theatre is not another bore fest. To the contrary, I felt as though I was watching it for the very first time. The cast was very well put together, and the apex of the night was the rendition of the evergreen Brother Jeroboam played “too well” by Patrick Diabuah, Paul Alumonah’s  – “Chume” also resonated with the audience.


All in all these 2 dimensional proofs of the evening do not do it enough justice, alas these will have to suffice.

Full credit list: Kenneth Uphopho (Director), Brenda Uphopho (Producer),Ik Okpala/ Chibuzor Okafor (Technical), One House Lighting (Lights), Michael Okorie (Stage Manager). CAST – Patrick Diabuah (Bro Jeroboam), Paul Alumona (Bro Chume), Bola Haastrup (Amope), Jennifer Osamor (CEO), Awele Dekpe (Sis Rebecca), Michael Okorie (Old Prphet/Ananias), Odia Thomas (Bro Shadrach), Deola Shinaba (Sis Martha), Seun Kentebe (Caleb/Minister), Debbie Ohiri (Fish seller), Odenike Odetola (Girl), Austin Onuoha (Isaac/Prophet)

For a full Photo spread got to: https://plus.google.com/photos/117193674453909541012/albums/5905818730972444481
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Bruce Prins shows his new work at Terra Kulture.

South African artist Bruce Prins just opened a salon showing of his recent works at Terra Kulture. Bruce who works mainly in Acrylic cites his love of free expression and the support of a loving family as prime sources of motivation for his art.

In a touching moment, he showed off what he felt was his favourite piece, it was actually a portrait of his daughter.

Bruce’s style evokes comparison with Araism, it stems from the unique African expressiveness that utilises colour over other elements of art.

The showing is currently on at Terra Kulture’s gallery, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Here are some images from the opening.


Bruce Prins.





His favourite piece.



L-R (Bruce Prins, Terra Kulture Head Curator Ronke, Mrs. Habiba Balogun, Terra Kulture GM Joseph Umoibom)

IMG_7101 IMG_7106 IMG_7109 IMG_7111

B.A.P Productions and Theatre @ Terra institute new working committee.

Whatever you do dear theatre and art lovers, make sure you keep tabs on this space. Theatre @ Terra is launching something that will revolutionise the theatre experience in Lagos, and in Nigeria as a whole.

Below are images from a newly instituted working group that pools experts from all the necessary tentacles of well executed stage productions.

Updates will follow soon.


theatre @ terra working comittee 1 theatre @ terra working comittee 2 theatre @ terra working comittee 3 theatre @ terra working comittee