Here are some of our past events!

We hope you all had a good time at The Last Pictures show. We sure did! We would be uploading pictures soon so watch out!

Well, since we are new on the blogosphere, we have decided to share some of our past events with you. We start off with Phases-A Campaign of Creative Vigour.  Phases was a painting and photography exhibition featuring works from students of the visual unit of the Creative Arts department of the University of Lagos. Works ranging from oil colour to mixed media, pasted, carving and metal photography were on display. Though the works were from postgraduate, graduate and undergraduate scholars of the university, they were devoid of the obscurity usually associated with works from the academia.  You can view pictures here.

Next was the Tents Gallery Art Collection 2011 which opened on the 24th of September.  The exhibition was put together by Tents Gallery in collaboration with Terra Kulture to showcase over ten years of paintings and sculptures exploring diverse themes and cultures. Works exhibited included those of Ade Odunfa, Sam Ajobiewe, Ogaga Tuodeinye amongst others. The works, selected not only for their aesthetic appeal but also for the value they possess, reflected influences from different generations and different art schools. All these put together made the collection a unique one.

Lovers of Nigerian theatre also had a good time last month as Castles in the Air written by Barclays Ayakoruma was on stage. Castles in the Air tells the story of a Muslim couple who try to persuade their son, Aminu to get married. This they do because they are interested in receiving the huge amount of money promised if Aminu marries and fathers a child within a year. All seem well and they begin to plan on how the money would be spent to upgrade the family’s lifestyle. Suddenly, Aminu decides to marry the girl of his dreams, a girl from southern Nigeria and the family is devastated. Hilarious and thought-provoking, the play brought to light the ancient African tradition of matchmaking couples. It also emphasised the importance of national unity above ethnic affiliations. Click to view pictures

Last but definitely not the least on our list is our summer school. Summer school this year started in July and lasted till September. It was fun all the way for the kids as they spent time drawing, painting, making beads and cards, creating tie and dye pieces. They also learnt how to prepare local dishes like moi-moi , akara, mosa ologede, ofe oha, gbegiri ati ewedu, efo riro through the cookery sessions.

Not only that, the kids learnt cultural dances and how to play the local drums. Many also learnt to converse in Igbo, Yoruba and Hausa. Asides learning to communicate in the Nigerian languages, the children learnt important cultural norms like curtseying (prostrating or kneeling) while greeting elders.

In all, the kids had a rewarding and memorable experience as these pictures show.

We have more interesting events coming up! Watch this space for information!


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