November Theatre@Terra- “Prison Chronicles”

This month your much loved drama presentation Theater@Terra brings you “Prison Chronicles” – A play that consists: A smelly cell block, 4 fantastic Prisoners, a dare-devil Warder & his wife.

The play is a tale involving the four prisoners whose chaotic, sometimes hilarious and often spellbinding life stories, is an allegory of the daily occurrences encountered in the society.The warder controls their lives and takes delights in making their existence miserable. The play showcases how these four men spend their time behind prison bars, serving different sentences for their crimes and hoping for and dreaming of freedom.The play is Written & directed by widely acclaimed playwright Wole Oguntokun.

So come and enjoy every Sunday in November with these hilarious characters in Wole Oguntokun’s classic play ‘PRISON CHRONICLES’

Tickets: N2,500   Time:3:00pm & 6:00pm every Sunday in November.



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