By 2012, it is predicted that Lagos will be the third largest Mega-City in the world. As every Mega-City, “Las-gi-di” as we know it, has its own share of challenges that is associated with this status and this includes “Housing”.

The mass migration of people from other parts of the country into this city attracted by its commercial and economic possibilities, has brought about a population explosion with limited living spaces and in most cases to the highest bidder.


Using the power of appropriation, objects from architecture and local social communicating languages are used to produce this art works.

This body of work seeks to explore the position the “Mega-City dream” plays on the relationship between people and spaces.

– Richardson Ovbiebo – June 2012 – Lagos, Nigeria –


[Dis] Placement is the further exploration of Lagos, the ongoing changes, this new Lagos, which to the unobservable eye is still the same but indeed new things are easing in. We all know instead of the usual welcoming sign to greet you coming into the city there’s the brute statement: This is Lagos.

Things are being placed and displaced and everyday we see slogans, ads such as:

“The users of the eTag electronic payment device will enjoy a reduction off the standard toll tariffs.”

“Eko Atlantic city will change the face of Africa and will transform LAgos into a successful mega city-state. This city will provide space for the 25 million people” etc. How are people in the city adapting to these emerging divide?

Also, in this body of work are words in abstraction, which uses the elements of quotes, lines and space. The fascination for the human face is ever strong.

– Alimi Adewale – June 2012 – Lagos, Nigeria –



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