Highlight’s from Terra Kulture’s open mic night at Freedom Hall


Every Thursday nights from 7pm – 10pm or later, depending on how sweet the music, dance and poetry is, hundreds of Lagosians and non-Lagosians make their way to Terra Kulture’s Open Mic Night at the Freedom Hall.

It’s an evening filled with laughs, song and dance as people perform spoken word, poetry, some Afro-rap and Afro-beat music livens up the evening.


Open Mic night at Terra Kulture is a sure good way to wound up an evening after the hustle and bustle of Lagos.

And of course our kitchen is always open to serve Nigerian delicacies such as Asaro (yam boiled in palm oil, spiced onions, pepper and tomatoes), Pepper Soup (Goat meat, Croaker Fish, Chicken or Catfish), Chicken Sandwiches and an assortment of drinks from Champan (orange juice/fanta, bitter lemon, tonic, andgostura bitters and blackcurrant), Pina Colada’s and much more!


Do drop in on Thursdays for an exciting evening full of surprises!


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