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Celebrating Fashion Today presents fashion and style through photographs and text. It is a stylised memoir not only of the International Women’s Society (IWS), but also of a close-knit community of Nigerian designers of ladies’ fashions, men’s wear, jewellery, handbags and home accessories. 

Through their artistic designs, and working on this collaborative project with the International Women’s Society, the designers honour and extend the society’s outreach project – The IWS home for Abandoned Children. 

Thus the book is a celebration of the vision of the designers, and also serves as an opportunity for reflection on the work of the IWS, founded in 1947 by public-spirited Nigerian and expatriate women. 201- marked the 50th anniversary of Nigerian independence from the British and the society’s 53rd anniversary; it was an important to reflect on that history.

*Excerpt taken from the cover flap of the book. It is written by Deborah Willis, Ph.D., Chair of the department of photography and imaging at the Tisch school of art, New York University and University professor with the College of Arts and Sciences, Africana Studies. 


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