What’s Cooking @ Terra!




When you walk into the restaurant at Terra Kulture, your nose is greeted by an amalgamation of aromas cascading through the air! Is it Ofada Rice and Stewed Chicken? or is it the warm mayonnaise melting on freshly toasted breads for club sandwiches?

Was it the sizzling of palm oil on the pan in preparation for egusi soup? Or perhaps it was the fresh fruits being blended as the bar staff prepares a Mai Tai, Matgharita or coffee?

If you are not careful, your nose may trick you into ordering what you smelt was Goat Meat Pepper soup to ordering an equally delicious Yam Pottage!

Yes, these are the smells, and delectable delights available for your consumption at the restaurant at Terra Kulture!

Every morning, you can join us for a Terra English Breakfast, which includes Pancakes, Beef Sausages, Baked Beans and a Vegetable Omelet served with warm syrup.

Daily, we have specials ranging from game such as Grass Cutter or staples such as Fried Sweet Potatoes!

Lunch time is always a fantastic affair at Terra Kulture because not only will you spot great Nigerian artists such as Ndidi Dike, Victor Ehikhamenor or Wande George and MTN/DSTV’s Studio 53 presenter Dolapo Oni and Complete Fashion Magazine Editor-in-Chief Franka Asindi-Chiedu but you can explore more of our wide offerings of Nigerian, British and American cuisines such as Dodo (Fried Plantains), Chicken Salad made with fresh Carrots, Cabbages served with a Thousand Island sauce and rich Olive Oil.

Your nights for a happy hour prior to dinner will top of any dinner plans you have ever had! Try the Sex on the Beach, Black Russian or a wide selection of French, Italian or South African wines or beers.

Dinner meals consists of Pounded Yam and Efo Riro, Stewed Snails or even Jollof Rice and Croaker Fish.

Found it exciting and tantalizing to read this? Well, come on down to The Restaurant at Terra Kulture for a unique Nigerian Dining experience with top quality customer service.

See you there!

P.S. You can see more pictures at Facebook.com/terra.kulture.ng 


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